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Mountain Biking in Dýrafjörður

Biking can be a wonderful way to explore the Westfjords at your own pace and experience Icelandic nature up close. We offer professional Fat Bikes with oversized tires that float over any terrain. Rent on a full- or half-day basis for self-guided adventures. Just outside Þingeyri there are a number of routes for riders of all experience levels.


Bike rental prices

Rental prices are based on which route you would like to take. See below for descriptions of the routes and approximate time to complete them. We only rent our fat bikes!

Around the Svalvogar circuit
FatBike: 12.000 ISK

To the lighthouse and back
FatBike: 9.000 ISK

Included: bike (adult sizes available), helmet, repair kit and a map. Pickup in the coffee house.

To rent a bike, you can get in touch using our contact form, or simply ask in the coffeehouse when you arrive in Þingeyri.

*If you would like to pick up the bike earlier or drop off later than our regular opening hours, please contact us in advance.


riding routes

To the lighthouse

For those who are up for a bit of a challenge but don´t want to scale a mountain, biking out to the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula and back is a great option, and the most popular route in the area. You will see some of the famous "dream road" of the Svalvogar circuit, hidden coves and towering cliffs, plus plenty of birds, sheep, and sometimes even arctic foxes along the way. The round-trip ride typically takes about 4 hours.

Svalvogar circuit

The legendary Svalvogar route is a circle around a peninsula leading from Dýrafjörður into the next fjord, Arnarfjörður. One part is carved directly out of the steep rocks, other parts follow the shores so closely that you have to be aware of the changing tides. It’s a whole day activity that takes you through breathtaking scenery, impassable by regular cars and best experienced on a mountain bike.

Keep in mind that the route can be extremely challenging and is mainly for experienced riders; the full loop takes riders across some very rough terrain and over the Kaldbakur mountain pass. The challenge of this ride also makes it rewarding: birds cliffs and trolls are likely to be your only companions, besides amazing views, abandoned farms, a lighthouse, and other reminders of life once lived. The 49 km can be done in 8 hours (for experienced riders). Make sure to time your departure according to the tide schedule. (See the map below for more route details.)


Into the bottom of the fjord

Another more leisurely ride is cycling down to the waterfall at the bottom of the fjord, past rivers and farms, and ultimately circling back along the other side. The route is approximately 35km of flat road (half paved, half gravel) and takes about 4 hours.

Feel free to ask in the coffeehouse for more information about cycling routes.

Map of the road to the lighthouse and around the Svalvogar circut

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